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Some General Search Links for Internships and Jobs

Specific Internship Opportunities and Deadlines

Below are some individual opportunities, instead of more general searches, most of which are paid opportunities. Deadlines are listed for 2021, but many internship programs are likely to be offered in subsequent years. You can also search by the same job tile and organization in internet search engines for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Application deadlines included where possible, but confirm deadlines on each program website.

New Jersey Watershed Ambassadors Program is an environmental stewardship-oriented AmeriCorps program designed to raise awareness about water concerns. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has hosted the program since 2000, and while the program has evolved over the last 22 years, its main goals have remained the same: promote watershed stewardship through education and direct community involvement and monitor the health of our waterways through conducting stream assessments.

Twenty (20) Watershed Ambassadors serve from partner host agency locations, with one located in each of New Jersey’s Watershed Management Areas. From Sussex to Cape May counties! Three (3) Source Water Protection Ambassadors serve from partner host agency locations, in north, central, and south locations and will engage in outreach and education campaigns that will lead to the protection of drinking water sources. Ambassadors serve with all sectors of society to improve the quality of New Jersey’s waterways by:

  • educating the public on watershed science.
  • implementing community green infrastructure.
  • encouraging them to get involved in local stewardship actions.
  • stewardship projects partnering with local organizations and community volunteers.
  • performing habitat and biological assessments following DEP monitoring protocols to monitor the health of their WMA’s streams.

Throughout the program, extensive training in highly sought-after skills in the environmental field are provided, including ArcGIS, fieldwork experience, grant writing, project management, public speaking and presentations, green infrastructure, and science communication. Members exit the program prepared to further their careers in the environmental field!

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Program staff reviews applications in the order they are submitted and the choice of WMA/ SWP location is assigned on a first come first serve basis, so don’t delay your application! The deadline is July 15th.

Positions we will be hiring for:

20 full-time Watershed Ambassador positions (35-40 hours a week, September-July, 1700 total hours)

3 part-time Source Water Protection (SWP) Ambassador positions (25-30 hours a week, September-April, 900 total hours)

*both Watershed Ambassadors and SWP Ambassadors serve together and are part of the same cohort.

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Part-time and full-time position descriptions are available.

Click here for the full-time and part-time applications. More facts sheets about the program can be found here.

You can also use the search feature on the AmeriCorps Portal to find either application. We are a State National Program located in New Jersey. The name of the full time position is “2022 -23 AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors Program” and the part time position is “NJDEP - SWP Ambassadors Source Water”.

All interested applicants should create an account on the “My AmeriCorps” website before they will be able to apply. Since this is an AmeriCorps Program, applicants apply through the AmeriCorps Portal.

Interested applicants can reach out to Samantha Pfeffer ( or Amanda Baksa ( with any questions or concerns.

We will be holding a virtual Open House event on Monday July 11th, 10 AM - 12 PM. This would be a great time for anyone interested in the program to learn more and ask questions. We will even have a few of our current members there to share their perspectives!

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Rutgers Laboratory Researcher IV: SEBS-Haskin Shellfish Research Lab

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is seeking a Laboratory Researcher IV for the Haskin Shellfish Research Lab. Duties include but are not limited to production of cultchless eastern oyster, bay scallop, and surf clam seed in accordance with existing NJAIC protocol for sale to private industry, coordination and interaction with private industry growers, assisting with ongoing externally funded culture efforts, and training and oversight of a small team of seasonal undergraduate and graduate student technicians.

Among the key duties of this position are the following:

  • Oversee daily bivalve hatchery activities including broodstock conditioning, spawning, larval rearing, post-set husbandry, and grow-out of juveniles.
  • Manages all shellfish production orders, ensures shellfish industry growers obtain product in a fair and timely manner, as well as coordinates with principal secretary to maintain a transparent payment and delivery system.
  • Trains and oversees seasonal technicians in culture techniques and equipment handling/maintenance.
  • Installs and maintains laboratory support systems, culture equipment, and facility equipment.

Rutgers Seasonal Marine Field Worker: SEBS-Haskin Shellfish Research Lab

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is seeking a Seasonal Marine Field Worker for the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory Complex. This position will be at the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory Complex which includes the Haskin Shellfish Lab in Port Norris, NJ, the Cape Shore Laboratory in Green Creek, NJ, the New Jersey Aquaculture Innovation Center in North Cape May, NJ and the Fisheries Cooperative Center in Cape May, NJ as well as occasional travel to field sited and may include work onboard boats.

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Among the key duties of this position are the following:

  • Duties associated with this position include microalgal culture, assisting in spawning of bivalve mollusks, rearing of larvae and post-set juveniles, maintenance of hatchery larval and downweller tanks and nursery upweller raceway tanks and equipment.

Only two days left to apply. Check back for extensions.

Research Internship in Ocean Sciences Program (RIOS)

All RIOS internships are full for the summer of 2022, for summer of 2023 applications are due in February.

RIOS is an undergraduate research program that will introduce you to an active and collaborative ocean research environment. With support from the National Science Foundation, you will conduct ocean research over a paid, 10-week summer internship offered by the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Continuing undergraduate students pursuing majors in environmental sciences, engineering, geology, biology, physics, or mathematics are encouraged to apply.

  • You will interact with scientific leaders in ocean and environmental research
  • You will start building a network of contacts for a future science career and advanced graduate study
  • You will gain research, proposal writing, and presentation skills
  • You will get a $6,000 stipend, free room, and paid travel expenses*
  • You will be close to New York City, Philadelphia, and the New Jersey shore

RISE at Rutgers
Is a nationally acclaimed summer research program for outstanding undergraduates from diverse backgrounds. Scholars participate in 10 weeks of cutting-edge research in the biological, physical, and social/ behavioral sciences, math, engineering, and exciting interdisciplinary areas under the guidance of carefully matched faculty mentors. A comprehensive professional development component, including GRE preparation, complements the research. (Rolling admissions; spaces filled by March 1st)

Check the page linked above for summer events and dates of symposiums.

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University of Maine Darling Marine Center based labs and projects are looking to fill paid summer internship positions with undergraduate students. Opportunities are posted as they become available (typically February-April, each year). Hiring is done by individual faculty and visiting researchers.


How do you answer what are your expectations from the internship? ›

Example: “My expectations involve being able to learn how to identify business problems, how to choose strategies to address these issues, and how to plan and execute the tactics needed to achieve these goals. By learning this, I can gain real-world experience of what it takes to drive business operations forward.”

How do you answer why would you be a good fit for this internship? ›

Research, projects, previous work, and experiences that you find to be helpful in the internship. You can also share your accomplishments, achievements, or awards if any. Some simple but effective points about your personality which would enrich the job you would be doing, such as hardworking, trainability, etc.

How do you plan to make an impact during your internship answer? ›

Three Ways to Make an Impact During Your Internship
  1. Be Proactive. Taking charge of your internship experience is a key to making the most of your summer and getting exposure to various projects and assignments. ...
  2. Be Curious. ...
  3. Build Your Network.

How will this internship help you meet your career goals answer? ›

By bridging the gap between learning and finding a career, internships can speed up the process of moving you toward your career goals. An internship allows you to try out a career in a low-stakes situation, helping you to make more informed decisions on what you want to do with your life.

What are your goals for the internship? ›

A primary goal of any internship is to gain as much experience as possible. While an intern may not have major tasks assigned to him, he should pay close attention to all the steps that go into completing a job. Interns should seek opportunities to work in a variety of situations.

What do you expect to learn during your internship? ›

During an internship, you learn a lot about your skills, and your strengths and weaknesses. This can come in the form of valuable input from supervisors or from colleagues. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you may not have as a working adult.

What is your strength for internship? ›

Excellent communication skills, a positive attitude and adaptability are all qualities of a good intern. Developing these skills and characteristics can enable you to stand out to a future employer and potentially increase your chances of obtaining an internship.

Why should we hire you with no experience? ›

Honestly, I possess all the skills and experience that you're looking for. I'm pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It's not just my background in the past projects, but also my people skills, which will be applicable in this position.

What qualities do you think are fit for this job? ›

Qualities employers look for
  • Communication skills.
  • Honesty.
  • Loyalty.
  • Dependability.
  • Teamwork.
  • Flexibility.
  • Self-reliance.
  • Eagerness to learn.

What are the challenges faced by students during internship? ›

There's Not Enough Work

As surprising as it may sound to some people, this could pose one of the top internship problems. You expect you'd be given loads of tasks, but there isn't enough work assigned to you. Thus, you're bored, underutilized, strumming your fingers at your desk, and tempted to browse social media.

How can I improve my internship experience? ›

10 ways to make the most of your internship
  1. Pay careful attention. ...
  2. Have a positive attitude and show gratitude. ...
  3. Expand your network. ...
  4. Practice two-way mentoring. ...
  5. Be open to feedback. ...
  6. Quality over quantity. ...
  7. Stay focused. ...
  8. Be professional.

What can I recommend for the improvement of the student internship program? ›

8 Ways to Improve Your Internship Program
  • Be selective.
  • Be supportive in the office (and beyond)
  • Hold them accountable.
  • Play up the culture.
  • Offer flexible work options.
  • Create an intern-specific referral program.
  • Schedule regular check-ins.
  • Conduct exit interviews.

How will this internship experience help you in the future? ›

Benefits that you will gain from an internship may include:

Professional experience necessary to put into practice the theory and concepts you have learned in the classroom. Exploration of a specific job or career area to see if it meets your goals. You may have a picture in your mind's eye of your future career path.

Why internships are important to increases your chances of employment? ›

To sum up, internships play a crucial role in shaping one's career. It not only helps undergraduates and graduates gain real exposure to working environments but also helps them develop the necessary skills required to stand out in a saturated job market.

Why an internship is important to career growth? ›

Internships are beneficial because they help develop your professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a greater door to opportunity. By investing in internships, you'll give yourself the broadest spectrum of opportunity when seeking and applying for a job after college.

What makes a successful internship program? ›

The key to a successful internship is to have the opportunity to participate in meaningful work assignments that allow the intern to learn more about a career through practice by working closely with a mentor who takes an active interest in providing guidance and supervision.

What are the benefits of an internship? ›

An internship provides you with firsthand experience, professional opportunities and personal growth. It will also make you more competitive when applying for jobs. As an intern, you'll gain relevant skills to showcase on your resume.

How would you describe a good internship experience? ›

Talk about technical and professionalism skills you learned and/or developed. Highlight one main accomplishment you had during the internship. 30 Seconds – Focus on your main learning from the experience and how this might impact you professionally and as you make future career decisions.

How do you explain internship in interview? ›

Listing your internship the correct way is key to catching the eye of any potential employer:
  1. List the host company you interned with, not Global Experiences.
  2. Include your host city and country.
  3. Always include the months and year you interned.
  4. List the tasks that relate most to the job you are applying to.
27 Sept 2018

How can an intern contribute to a company? ›

What does an intern do?
  1. Assist and contribute to the team! As an intern, don't expect to spearhead a critical project right off the bat…at least not yet. ...
  2. Learn and gain experience. ...
  3. Job shadow. ...
  4. Take on an increasing amount of responsibility. ...
  5. Network. ...
  6. Make a career call.
26 May 2022

What are your expectations from this job? ›

“My expectations for the company would be to provide a work environment in which I can contribute to the team, I receive appreciation for my contributions, I have job stability and the ability to grow with the company.

Why do you want an internship? ›

Develop new skills you can apply in the workplace. Gain skills that will enhance your resume and increase your career options. Explore a business or agency and observe or participate in the tasks and responsibilities preformed daily by professionals. Experience workplace culture, politics, and business etiquette.

What are your expectations from this finance internship? ›

An emphasis on challenging rather than menial work. Opportunities to network with and learn from staffers and management at meetings, seminars, company dinners, and regular training sessions. An opportunity to speak with former interns from that company to get their perspective on the internship experience.

What are your career goals Where do you see yourself in 5 years? ›

In the next five years, I want to see myself as more responsible, knowledgeable and experienced. I will make sure that I explore skills and used opportunities so that I can contribute and share my knowledge, see myself learning and growing with every experience and last of course want to be happy.

Why should we hire you answer best? ›

Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. You never know what other candidates offer to the company. But you know you: emphasize your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience, and professional achievements that are fundamental to getting great things done on this position.

Why do you need this job best answer? ›

Focus on the job at hand

'I want this job because I have clear skills that will help me achieve...' 'This role will give me the opportunity to combine both my skills in [skill 1] and [skill 2] to achieve...' 'I love [job role specific task] and my last job took me away from that.

How should I introduce myself in an internship? ›

What do I say?
  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Identify your goal or purpose.
  3. Describe your relevant experience, ability to contribute, and uniqueness.
  4. Wrap it up.
  5. Engage the person with a question.
  6. Follow up.
  7. Practice, practice, practice...then practice some more.
5 Dec 2020

Why did you apply for this internship? ›

Include how it can help your career

While you can mention these requirements briefly if you have them, it's often useful to focus more on how the skills and knowledge you gain during your internship can help you become a better employee in your field as you advance your career.

Why should we hire you with no experience? ›

Honestly, I possess all the skills and experience that you're looking for. I'm pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It's not just my background in the past projects, but also my people skills, which will be applicable in this position.

How can an intern contribute to a company? ›

The intern can provide valuable input on how the company is currently doing things and how they can change things to suit the business and the customers' needs. They can show how to create a marketing campaign that appeals to the target audience and use online marketing to generate more sales.

How would you describe your internship experience example? ›

Your introduction should be a paragraph in length and give an overview of your internship role, where you completed your internship and what your purpose was for completing your internship. You may use the first-person perspective but avoid including your opinions.

What would a successful internship look like to you? ›

A great internship provides the knowledge and skills you'll need to become successful in a specific career field. The best internship experiences are those that prepare students for the work they hope to do after graduating from college.

What can you bring to the company? ›

Think about: your enthusiasm for the profession and the employer and your desire to make your mark. your personal qualities, such as your drive and willingness to learn. the skills the employer seeks and how you have demonstrated them in the past – your answer should show why you would be competent in the job.

How do you handle stress and pressure? ›

2. Commit to a Positive Attitude
  1. Decide what you can do. Pinpoint which parts of the situation you have the power to change or influence for the better. ...
  2. Get support. Find someone to talk to about your situation. ...
  3. Care for yourself. Take especially good care of yourself when stress in your life is high.


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