Imperial Agent Story In-Depth Summary (2023)

The Empire dominates scores of star systems across the galaxy, but not through the power of the dark side alone. Behind the scenes, the cunning Agents of Imperial Intelligence track down and eliminate the Empire’s enemies.

Imperial Agents must master the arts of infiltration, seduction, and assassination to advance the Empire’s causes; they face the opposition of a terrified galaxy and the capriciousness of their own Sith overlords.

Imperial Intelligence cultivates a notoriously vast and efficient network of informants, enabling the Agent to navigate the galaxy’s political landscape with effortless suave.

The most elite operative within Imperial Intelligence is the ‘Cipher’ Agent – recruited and trained to carry out the most dangerous and sensitive assignments the Empire has to offer. Whether working undercover or carrying out assignments in broad daylight, the Cipher races along the razor’s edge of disaster, using carefully orchestrated tactics that leave little room for error – the smallest slip-up can be catastrophic. Each successful mission, however, shifts the galactic landscape in the Empire’s favor, and the Agent plays a supremely critical role in securing Imperial domination.

WARNING: This summary contains heavy spoilers about the Imperial Agent story. If you are part way through the Imperial Agent story and want a reminder of what happened, read up until the planet you have played. If you have already played the story, this summary will help fill in the gaps in your knowledge and learn about the options you did not choose. If you have not played the Imperial Agent story at all yet and plan to, DO NOT READ THIS SUMMARY! The Imperial Agent has the most amount of spoilers out of all the eight class stories, and I highly recommend playing yourself first and then later comparing which options you chose!


  • Hutta (Starter Planet)
  • Dromund Kaas
  • Korriban
  • Balmorra
  • Nar Shaddaaa
  • Tatooine
  • Alderaan
  • Huttaa (Return)
  • Dromund Kaas (Return)
  • Artus System (Major Choice)
  • Nar Shaddaa (Return)
  • Taris
  • Dromund Kaas (Second Return)
  • Quesh
  • Hoth
  • Quesh (Return)
  • Dromund Kaas (Third Return)
  • Isen Four
  • Dromund Kaas (Fourth Return)
  • Voss
  • Dromund Kaas (Fifth Return)
  • Corellia
  • Tenebrous
  • Star Cabal (Finale)
  • Star Cabal (Black Codex)
  • Tenebrous (Return)

Hutta (Starter Planet)

The Imperial Agent in Star Wars: The Old Republic starts off on the planet of Hutta, where the spymsater of Imperial Intelligence, code named Keeper, instructs them to convince Nem’ro the Hutt to join the Empire and tip the scales in the war between the Republic and the Empire. The Agent takes the cover identity of the Red Blade – a notorious pirate whose true face has never been seen. The Agent learns that Nem’ro’s operations are under threat from a rival Hutt, Fa’thara, and the Agent works on undermining Fa’athra’s own operations. While in Nemro’s palace, the Agent meets Kaliyo Djannis, a Rattataki woman in charges of Nemro’s weapons and troops, who decides she wants to ally with the Agent after finding out he isn’t the true Red Blade. Keeper offers her a deal, and she becomes the Imperial Agent’s first companion. To solidify Nem’ro the Hutt’s place in the empire, the Agent forges evidence of support between Fa’thara and the Republic, convincing Nem’ro to turn to the Empire for help.

Dromund Kaas

The Agent then returns to Dromund Kaas, the capital of the Empire and the home of Imperial Intelligence. As the Agent walks in to Keeper’s office, a Sith Lord named Darth Jadus is expressing his displeasure with Keepr and his and dominion over Imperial Intelligence. The Sith then turns to the Agent and explains the Agent is now under Jadus’s direct command, and that Keeper will instruct the Agent to carry out Darth Jadus’s will.

Keeper explains to the Agent that Imperial intelligence has located a radical terrorist cell in the capital city of Dromund Kaas, working towards a violent overthrow of the Empire’s government, and that the agent must investigate the cell and obtain its plans. Keeper then introduces the agent to Watcher Two, the Agents liason to base, who is the product of selective breeding for intelligence. The Agent is sent to the site of a slave rebellion, to find a slave once owned by an anti-government radical who used slaves to carry messages to like-minded dissidents. There the agent finds a datapad once owned by the slave, but before the Agent can investigate further they are summoned to Darth Jadus’s chambers. Darth Jadus’s philosophy is to spread the ways of the Sith to the unite Empire, planting terror and hatred in ever heart, the democratization of fear. Jadus wants the Agent to exterminate the dissidents who would destroy the Sith way of life. Jadus believes that the dissidents want freedom without responsibility, and there are those even at the highest level of government who agree with them, Darth Jadus then leaves the meeting to board the Dominator, a starship filled with dignitaries, diplomats, military personal, civilians and slaves, and show them his grand vision the galaxy as he invisions it.

Using the datapad found earlier, Imperial Intelligence tracks down a genius inventor and entrepreneur working for the radicals, who is being sheltered by a Sith Lord gone rogue on his estate. On the inventor’s computers Imperial Intelligence finds encrypted files inclide a timetable and indications of something big, and Watcher Two invites the Agent back to Imperial Intelligence headquaters, where Lord Jadus is attending the briefing via holocall. Keeper explains that am major strike by the dissidents is imminent, and that they are targetting the ancient power conduits that run beneath the capital, causing the power grid to overload which would detonate the power relation stations, explosions which would kill hundreds and a blackout which would leave Dromund Kaas vulneerable to further attacks. The Agent is sent alone to the force-haunted Dark Temple, the most likely target of the attack, where they successfully complete their mission.

When the agent returns, Imperial Intelligence is in chaos and all agents are watching the wreckage of the Dominator, which has been destroyed. Over 3,000 travelers died in the explosion of the starship, with casualties at 100% including the death of Darth Jadus. The source of the explosion was unknown, but Intelligence assumes it had to do with the dissidents as the primary target.

The Agent is immediately sent to stop a starship trying to take off with several dissidents from the watch list obn board. The Agent successfully stops the ship, obtaining the information form the ship’s onboard computers. During their debriefing, a message from the terrotists is broadcasted to the entire Imperial communcations network. The dissidents broadcast a message of the corrupt government of the Empire – that they were promised glory unrivaled, but that instead the Empire has suffered as the Dark Council members vie for powers and soldiers die in worthless wars across the galaxy. Keeper identifies the broadcaster as “The Eagle”, ad he claims that his revolutions were resposibivle for the destruction of the Devestator, all onboard, and the death Darth Jadus, to prove that the Dark Council is not invulnerable, and that change can be effected.He promises to strike again and again, until the Empire’s goverment chooses strength over weakness, unity over discord.

Keeper promotes the Agent to Cipher Nine, and designates them to head the operation to disamntle the Eagle’s network, a mission to locate and eliminate his terror cells through infiltration, manipulation and assassination. The Agent is also awarded a starship, and a greater degree of freedom and authority.


While leaving Dromund Kaas, Keeper informs the Agent that Darth Jadus had a daughter who will be taking his seat on the Darth Council, and that she demands a meeting at the Sith Academy on Korriban. To prove the Agent’s worth, Darth Zhorrid, Jadu’s daughter, commands her bodygaurds to attack the Agent. After the Agent overpowers them, she explains that she had heard the Agent wa investigating her father’s death and and that she wants the Agent’s help tracking down who killed her father, whether it was the terrorists or another unknown enemy, and that she has her doubts about her father’s true killer.


The Agent is then sent to Balmorra, where a resistance is brewing, and the Eagle’s men are using the war as a cover for local activites and as a training ground. On Balmorra, cell mmbers recruit instruct and arm new terroristis destined for other points in the network. There the Agent is told that the person who runs the Balmorran terrorist cell is called Gray Star, and that there are rumours that he used to work with The Eagle. The Agent is brought in to the teroricst cell through a mole, and the Agent proves his trustworthiness to the cell by taking down the defenses of the nearby Okara Droid factory and retrieving a case of parts used to create stealthed explosions. The Agent’s second terrorist task was to retrieve data from a previous outpost and destory the system there. While completng the mission, the Agent finds orders, comminuqqes and other inforamtion from Gray Star, but also finds a litst of collaboraters who have bee working with the Empire since its occupation . The Agent’ final mission fo th cell is to make a delivery to an ally located in the Republic base. While carrying the package, Intelligence discovers that the package is for Gray star, and that Gray Star has secretly been manaing and spplying the terror cell while pretending to be a loyal Republic officer. The Agent alters the package’s directions for Gray Star to reach his hideout, and Gray Star is captured by Intelligence and turned in to an assst for the Empire.

Nar Shaddaaa

When the Agent returns to their ship, Watcher Two informs them that Imperial Inteligence has discovered that The Eagle will be using his entire terror network for whatever is coming next. The terrorists next move is unknown, but the Agent finds out that many of the intercepted messages refer to devices called “Eradicators”. The Agent’s new mission is to focus on taking the terror network apart, by elimniating the larger cells, and identifiyng more terrorist activity centers.

The Agent is sent to Nar Shaddaa, where the local terrorist cell procures weapons and technology for the Eagle’s entire network. To find the intelligent, coordinated and well-hidden cell, Watcher Two has contacted a former operative named “Watcher X”, who was forcibly retired as he became prone to paranoia and seeing connections and conspiracies where none existed. Judged as unstable and confined to an open prison on Nar Shaddaa, the Agent goes to meet him in the area of Shadow Town where the Empire keeps prisoners who know too much.

As the Agent enters Watcher X’s prison, Watcher X analyzes the Agent’s every move. Watcher X is fitted with motion-tracking implants set to explode if he tries to escape, which keeps him under control, and he warns the Agent that this could be their fate in the future. Watcher X informs the agent that Watcher Two – his “sister” in the eugenics program, has told him what the Agent needs to know. The Eagle’s terrorists are using Nar Shaddaa as a supply hub, but thier latest scheme is is to acquire mass quantities of a new genetic modification ser called Cyclone, and plan to distribute it across the Eagle’s network. The serum increases the user’s speed and focus, transofrming an average human in to a natural assasin, but it is also lethal. The Agent must learn who created the seruum, and find their link to the terrorists by obtaining a sample. Watcher X gives the agent an injection to mimic the effects of long-term genetic damage, making them slower and weaker, but allowing the agent to pass as a convincing cyclone buyer. Watcher X then sends the Agent to the Corellian Sector to purchase a dose of the serum or obtain a blood sample. The Agent successfully passes as a buyer, but the vendors have run out of the desiarable serum. The Agent asks if they could meet the client who purchased the last dose, who bought it to strike against the slaver gangs and die goriously for her people. The Agent obtains a sample, but Watcher X needs medical equipment that can’t be obtained in Shadow Town to analyze the serum. Once Watcher X analyzes the sample, he has found that Cyclone’s coding process is registered to a now-bankrupt defunct company. The Agent must interrogate the last remianing former company executive before it dissolved, but the executive has holed up in their private casino lounge and only allows droids in – no weapons, and no visitors. Watcher X instructs the Agent in how to create an undeticble poison from the medical supplies, so the Agent may poison his drink and then offer the antidote in exchange for information. The agent finds out that company sold off one division at a time after the war, but one buyer stood out – a shadow group after a medical branch named VerveGen.
Watcher X locates the VerveGen offices and sends the agent to their location, and asks the Agent to set up serveillances so Watcher X can see and hear inside. When the Agent returns to Watcher X’s prison, Watcher X informs the Agent that Imperial Intellifence is scared to set him free, but that the Watchers know if he regfuses to help, his mental conditioning reacts and if he disoobeys a superior he gets headaches that last for days. Watcher X has been able to use the increased surveillance to find out that VerveGen is manufacturing Cyclone and is preparing a large quantity of serum for transport and distribution, and that’s when the Cyclone will be truned over the the buyer revealed. Watcher X reveals his plan for the Agent to sneak in to the meeting unnoticated and find the terror cell leaders. To sneak in, the Agent will use a cybernetic disguise combining armor, implants and holographic technology, so the Agent would appear as a class-five droid. Watcher X implants the Agent with three cybernetic implants along their spinal column to hide their life readings, and sends the Agent to the VerveGen meeting to pass as a machine. When the Agent arrives, they activate their holographic droid disguise and sneak in to the hand over. Inside, the Agent sees the Eagles admit via holocall that he is not converened about the fatalities of Cyclone on his followers, and that the men and women taking the serum understand the sacrifice they are making. As the the hand over is about to take place, a scan reveals the Agent and a shoutout occurs and the Agent eliminates the Nar Shaddaa terrorist cell leaders. To remove every trace of their operation and prevent their followers from regrouping, the Agent is sent to destroy the terrorit communication hub on Nar Shaddaa, in the Network Access sector, a maze of computers and holonet transceivers. Once the Agent strieks this final blow to the terror cell, Watcher X uses the momentary failing in the Shadow Town security to escape. Watcher X asks the Cipher for a trade – in return for telling Watcher Two that Watcher X remains in his prison, Watcher X will share his secrets, and that the Agent will know everything Intelligence keeps from its Ciphers, including the details of the eugenics program that bred him and Watcher Two, the aliases of your companion Kaliyo, and all the secrets Watcher X knows. Watcher Two interrupts the call as Watercher X is heading to his ship, and the Agent must decide if they want to reveal Watcher X’s escape from his prison or lie that he remains in his cell when Watcher Two asks about the possibity that Shadow Town’s prison security being breached.

If the Agent lies, Watcher X escapes, but if the Agent chases him down and kills him, and a crew is sent to recover Watcher X’s corpse. If Watcher X remains alive, he will periodically send the Agent mail with interesting tidbits about Kaliyo, Vector, Watcher Two and the Czerka corporation.

When the Agent returns to their ship and attempts to call Watcher Two, Darth Zhorrid, Jadus’s daughter, has locked down ther ship and communcations and intercepts their call. Darth Zhorrid expresses her extreme anger at the Agent not giving her any new information about the murder of her father, though the Agent has reported all their findings to Imperial Intelligence. Darth Zhorrid then explains that though she has taken a seat on the Dark Council, the other Council members do not yet respect her. She orders the Agent to track down her father’s secrets which he had never passed down to her by finding his one advisor who stayed behind and fled to Nar Shaddaa, though she is unsure why he originally fled. When the Agent has found him, the terrified advisor explains that the instanst Darth Jadus died, his contingency plans would go in to action and bring doom to everything Lord Jadus ever touched, but he refuses to aid the Agent or Darth Zhorrid. The Agent slices his computer, where they can choose two options to de-encrypt. If the Agent chooses to descrypt the schematics, they learn that by request of Darth Jadus, all passenger quarters aboard the dominator can be repurposed as prison cells. If the Agent chooses to decrypt research, they see a mesage dated sixteen months ago, referencing a special project by the Imperial Science Bureau stating that the device they are building is not practical, and that the robust growth fails to counterbalance slow manfacturing / maturation proces and limited power output.

Darth Zhorrid requests that the Agent return to Korriban, and Keep informs that Agent that she has now taken her father’s chambers as her own. The Agent informs Darth Zhorrid that thy have retrieved her father’s advisor, and she takes him in to her custody.

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Returning to their ship, the Agent is told by Watcher Two that although Imperial Intellifence still does not know what the Eagle’s mystery weapons are, they did intercept a transimission about the Eradicator devices. The message form the Eagle states that once hte devices are fully functional, the Eagle will enter the targeting codes himself, and only then will instructions be sent, but all cells are encouraged to prepare attacks on secondary targets, and that once the Eradicators cause cahos in every Imperial stronghold, the receiver of the message is instructed toe fan the flame and stand tall above the wreckage, and to shape the destruction into a message.

Watcher Two directs the Agent to Tatooine next – though it’s not normally somewhere Imperial Intelligence would expect terroirs to congregate, this cell is unusual and known as the ghost cell. This cell hosts a training program for hardened radicals – a terror cell specializing in stealth, infiltration, and assassination, providing elite suport for the Eagle’s network. The Agent’s source on Tatooine reveals that the ghost cell can look like anyone using holographic disguises. She was originaly a member of an anti-occupation group who fought against the Empire, organizing bombings and sabotage. When the Empire cracked down, most of her team died and she was approached by agroup who offered her a way out and retraining. She was smuggled to Tatooine, brought to an empty village in the middle of the desert, where the Ghost cell lived, training under their leader, who taught them to move unseen, and kill anyone. The empty town was used to experiment with boms, sniper fire and other training. Later, the ghost cell started kidnapping civilians, bringing them to the once-empty village to practice, which is when the Agent’s source slipped away from the terrorist cell. When the Agent sets an ambush for the Ghost Cell, the Agent is tricked by a holographic version of Mia Hawkins, and is stabbed by an elite member of the Ghost Cell. The Agent eventually reaches the Ghost Cell’s secret encampemnt in the desert by hiding themselves in a large crate of engineerins supplies and constructions maaterials to be delivered to the camp. Once they arrive, the find the Ghost Cell’s leader, and also find out that their source has been captured. The Ghost cell leader dispays the power of the holographic disguise technology by cycling through different disguises, including an Imperial Officer, the captured source, and even the Agent themself, speaking with their voice an appearance. The Agent takes out the entire encampment, leaving the entire ghost cell dead.


When the Agent retursn to their ship, Watcher Two informs the Agent that Imperial Intelligence has made some progress in finding out what the Eradicator devices are, and that they are sattelites, orbital strike weapons with enough firepower to level a city. Watcher Two also relays that the weapons are not built, but instead grown, and that they are combination of biological and mechanical components, organic betteries in a weaponized shell. Imperial Intelligence now knows what they are, but now where or how they’ll be used.

The Agent is then sent to Alderaan, here Imperial Intelligence belives that one of the nobles houses is financing the Eagle’s terror network, including money for weapons, transportion, bribes, and anyting the cells need. While the Empire’s resources are tied up supporting House Thul’s efforts to claim the throne, the Agent is instructed to find and work with Vector Hyllus, an Imperial ambassador to the nobles who was later absorbed in to the hive mind of the Killiks, Alderaan’s native alien species. The Agent’s mission on Alderaan is to eliminate and noble or hous funding the terrorists.

When the Agent enter one of the Killik caves wher Vector Hyllus is stationed, the Agent begins to understand the depth of Vector Hyllus’s integration with the Killik hive. Although the ambassador shares thoughts and sense with the nest, Vector is allowed a greater degree of freedom an autonomy than many other Joiners.

Vector informs the Agent that Imperial Intelligence provided him with a list of names, dates and locations connected to the terrorist financier, and that he’s visited House Organa, House Serrus, House Panteer and House Cortress, and that Cortess baron may be able to help identify the terrorist.

When the Agent reaches House Cortess, they can choose to identify themselves as a noble Count and member of House Thul as an adopted heir, as a mercenary captain, or to answer to no one. The Baroness of House Cortress requests that the agent find out what has happened to a squd of battle droids that was patrolling the borders of Cortess lands, as the droids were their first line of defense and thir dispparance may be the first warning sign og an attack. None of House Cortess’s allies has come to their aid. When the Agent finds the droids, its discovered that the droids were destroyed by the growing Killik nest. After helping find the droids, the Baron invites the Agent in to the inner chambers of House Cortess, where the Agent asks about the mysterious visitor. The Baron is able to identify and name the visitor as a former Lord and respected man amongst the noble houses, who abdicated years go, becoming a mediator dedicated to forging peace. The Baron goes on to explain that it’s strange the Agent should ask about him now, as he has been missing for several weeks.

Back at the nest, Vector expresses that he believes the former Lord may fit the profile of the terrorist financier, and that the nest may be able to locate where he has gone. The Killik nest is able to recount that House alde granted the Lord residence in honor of his work as a mediator, and that he kept records of his work in the Alde estate. The Agent sneaks in to House Alde, where they find records ao appointment calendars, logs of financial transactions, meeting transcripts and personal notes from the former lord acting as a mediator. Vector is able to browse the files and deduce that the former lord was funding the destruction of the Dominator and assassination of Darth Jadus through a series of “donations” to various charities, but recommends that the Agent show the files to the Baron of House Cortress for a second review. The Baron combines the information the Agent found with inforamtiion from his own sources to discover that the former Lord arranged a secret meeting with House Rist, which should be coccuring as they spoke. The Agent quickly travels to House Rist, known for being assassins and poisoners, and a foe of House Cortess. Before he leaves, the Baroness requests that the Agent also fight the assassins and show all the houses that defying House Rist isn’t hopless. The Agent finds the former lord deep in House Rist, and the Agent fights both the assasins of House Rist as well as the former lord, defeating them all. Inside House Rist’s records, the Agent finds out that the Baroness is inleague with the now-dead former lord, and had warned him of the Agent’s pursuit. When the Agent returns to House Cortess, he finds that the Baroness has revoked the Agent’s access to the estate, so the Agent retursn to the nest for backup. Vector believes the Killik nest could take on House cortess if the estate’s interior shields were first taken down. The agent sneaks Vector and a handful of Killik fingerling eggs in to the shield generator building, where the fingerlings then destroy the generators, leaving House cortess vulnerable to the Killik attack. Once the Agent reaches the Baron and Baroness in the inner chambers of House Cortess, he finds that the Baron has forsaken his wife, expaining that he knew nothing of his wife’s conspiracy until she confessed once the shields were down, and the Baroness is murdered before the Agent can take custody of her for conspiracy. The Baron requests that the Killiks leave now that the terrorist threat has been stopped, but Vector says that in return for helping attack House Cortess, the Killik nest is now claiming the Cortess lands as their own, to create an extension of the hive, and the family to become Joiners. The Agent can choose to allow the Killiks to absorb House Cortess, to the benefit of both the nest and the Empire, or to deny Vector his request. If the Agent allows House Cotess to keep their freedom, the nest will attack, but Vector will still side with the Agent as the Empire’s emmisary. If they Agent allows the nest to take over, the nest will thank the Agent, attack House Cortess, kill the Baron and Join the remaining members of the family. In the Cortess logs, Imperial Intelligence finds that the Eagles terror network will run low on funds within weeks. Keeper also tells the Agent that Vector’s requisitaiton has been made permanent, and that he has been officially transfered to Imperial Intelligence, as a covert assault agent under the Agent’s command.

Huttaa (Return)

Back on the ship, Watcher Two informs the agent that they knew the Eagle had avandoned his old base, but once the agent neutralized the last cell on Alderaan, and they now know the Eagle is on Hutta, in an old refinery beneath the river. The terrorists have also started launching the biomechanical Eradicator weapons over Imperial worlds, and once ready, they can fire on cities and military bases from orbit.

On Hutta, the Agent sneaks their way in to the Eagle’s nest, finally meeting the Eagle himself and seeing an Eradicator weapon for the first time. The Eagle explains that the biomehcanical weapons were developed on Dromund Kaaas and Balmorra, thatthere are over six dozen already in place, and that they can be grown anywhere. The Eagle also shares a new key piece of information – alhough they are currently waiting to receive orders, eventually, without beign given commands, they’ll run rampant, fireing blindy at cities form orbit. Uncontrolled, the Eradiactors won’t hit the terrorist cell’s targets, but chaos and death still sends the message they want to share. The Eagle refuses to surrender, and the Agent defeats him. Before he dies, the Eagle claims that the Agent has been betrayed, and that his patron, the one who showed him how to unite the cells, the one who proposed the Eradiactors, is one of the Agent’s own people – a traitor in the Empire, though he does not know who.

Watcher Three slices in to the nearby computers, and examines the eradicator, once the Agent has cleared the area. Watcher Three explains to the Agent that what the Egle said was true, that if no one gives the Eradicators new orders, they’ll go mad and fire randomly. Watcher Three did find that by transmitting the proper codes, the Agent could set the Eradicator’s targets, disable them, or otherwise control them. The Eagle had half the control codes on his computer, but it is unclear who the other half is held by.

Dromund Kaas (Return)

When the Agent returns to Dromund Kaas, their successfull mission is overshadowed by the imminent firing of the Eradicators. Watcher Two informs the Agent that the Moffs have placed local forces on alert, and a search for the eradicators is underway, but that trend suggest they will not be able to find them all quickly, and it will be weeks before they find and destroy them all. Watecher Two estimates that there will be ten to fifty million deaths on each planet targeted,with a split of forty percent military and sixty percent civilian. The only way to deactivate the Eradicators en masse is with the control codes, and that the other codes are likely with the Eagle’s mystery patron. Keeper doubts that the patron is truly a highly placed Imperial, as it seems unlikely that such a person could escape Imperia Intelligence’s scrutinym but Keeper believes that at least he, Watcher Two, and the Agent, are trustworthy, and that they are the only three who know the full situation. Watcher Two goes on to report that the Wagle had been sending transmissions to someone in the Artus system, an uninhabited system devoid of resources and off the major hyperlanes, where Watcher Two suspects the patron may be hiding. The Agent is sent to Artus, to find the Eagle’s patron, obtain his half of the control codes, and stop the threat.

The male Agent might use some of the time before the mission starts to get better acquanted with Watcher Two, by making the most of the time they have together, while the female Agent may have Keeper express that she apreciates the Agent as a team member.

Before the Patron leaves, Darth Zhorrid demands am eeting in her father’s chambers on Dromund Kaas. Arriving at her chambers, Darth Zhorrid is badly hurt from electrical burms, lacerations, and retinal damage, where she i refusing a droid’s recommendations to be transferred to a kolto tank for recovery. Darh Zhorrid cries to the agent that the Dark Council hurt her and then laugher at her. After she had interrogated her father’s advisor, she called the council to assemble, and demanded the lords give her the respct she was due. Some were angry, mocking her, then warned her not to overstep her bounds again. Recounting the story of her apprenticeship to her father, she explains that she hates her father, and that she is not ready for his Council seat. She requests that the agent swear to find who really killed her father, and who forced her in to the wretched position she is currently in.

Artus System (Major Choice)

In the Artus System, the Agent is lead to a modified imperial dreadnought starship, with a maximum crew complement of five thousand. While exploring the ship, the Agent finds strange recordings. The first speaks about a grand social experiment, where about a hundred from across the Empire saved from a fire, for unknown reasons. The survivors are left to fend for themselves, squabbling and fighting, left to fear their own shadows. The recorder knows that ‘the master’ is out there, they are convinced there is some sort of plan at work, and that someone wants to control them. The second recording is a journal entry where the recorder does not know how long it’s been, but that they have lost track of the days during the blackouts. They say that ‘those further along’ say that their terror transforms them in to the master’s image. The recorder says they are learning to fight back, and want to kill the master. The final recording is also a journal entry, where the recorder says that she was so happy when she got the invitation, and that she thought it would be a life-changing event where she would leave home for a year, but that now she does not know why the master picked her to survive when hundreds of others died, and begs for a rescue.

When the Agent reaches the bridge, Darth Jadus, alive, is at the starship’s helm. Jadus claims that everything that has happened has been at his command, and that it was Jadus’s desire that the Eagle unite the terrorists cells, and his desire that his own flagship was destroyed. The terrorists became his servants and carried out his plan to acquire a weapon that the Dark Council would overlook. His false death allowed him to escape the eyes of the Dark Council and Imperial Intelligence, which allowed him to move to the desolate Artus system, bringing with him the passengers he deemed worthy. Watcher Two urges the Agent not to fight Jadus, as his power is second to the Emperor, and that she is attempting to find help. Jadus goes on to explain he had to goals during his absence. First, the diminution of the Dark Council, and upon his death, his former enemies on the council began warring and vying to claim his resources, and his own daughter’s arrival escalated the chaos. Second was to sow fright and hatred, through the Eagle and his terrorist network. These two distractions allowed the eradicators time to grow. Now that they are ready, they will destroy the strongholds and apprentices of his enemies on the council, and terrorize the Empire, after which Jadus would return to the council and lead the Empire into a new age, an epoch of terror. Under his rule, all people would revel in fear and degradation, but Jadus requites both halves of the Eradicator codes, as without them, the weapon will merely cause chaos. Jadus offers the Agent authority, wealth, a place in his vision, and the respect Imperial Intelligence has denied them, in return for the Agent entering the other half of the codes in to the ship so the Eradicators can target Jadus’s enemies, but if the Agent refuses, Jadus promises that he will kill them and that the Eradicators will still fire blindly.

The Agent has a major decision to make at this point, as there are three main story paths in relation to Jadus’s fate which are in the Agent’s hands, and the Agent must also decide what to do with the Eradicator weapons. As Darth Jadus gives the Agent time to think about their decision, Watcher Two proposes over comlink that they should changed their plan to focus on neutralizing Darth Jadus over all else. She explains that the Agent could enter both codes right now and deactivate the Eradicators, but to keep Jadus from reactivating them, the Agent would need to blow up the ship’s reactor, killing themselves in the process, and that the chances would be high that Jadus would escape. She goes on to explain that if Darth Jadus escapes, he’ll come back eventually. Watcher Two suggests that they lure Darth Jadus in to a trap, by giving him the codes to the Eradicators, then letting him launch his attacks, causing him to turn his back to the agent, leaving the Agent free to sabotage the ship and disable the jamming fields, so Watcher Two could call in reinforcements to force Jadus to surrender, and then deactivating the Eradicators as soon as possible afterwards. This plan would still have thousands murdered, but Jadus would not escape, and it would be much lower than the original estimates of millions dead.

The Agent can then walk to the terminal and choose to launch the attack for Jadus, or disable the Eradicators, placing them on standby.

If the Agent choose to disable the Eradicators, Jadus will make his anger known and attack the Agent. The Agent will fight Jadus, and as Jadus is recovering from the attack the Agent will quickly reroute the power and trap him in an internal force field. The Agent launches a second attack, and as Jadus recovers for a second time, the agent accesses the power distribution nodes. As the Agent fights Jadus a third time, keeping him distracted, Watcher Two prepares to raise the force field once the Agent aligns the bridge field generation grid. Running to the bridge controls, the Agent triggers the small force field, trapping Jadus on his own bridge. The Agent takes this time to escape and sabotage the reactor core of the ship, which would lead to its explosion, and the Agent leaves before its destruction. While the Agent is gone, Jadus escapes the force field and escapes on his shuttle. On the Agent’s ship, Watcher Two confirms that the self-destruct sequence was completed, and Jadus’s ship has been reduced to cinders, and the Eradicator command codes went with it. Although Water Two dreads the day Jadus returns, and what he’ll do when he does, but she hopes the Dark Council will keep him on the run, and she’s glad no one had to die.

If the Agent chooses to launch the attack for Jadus, they begin the attack on the Empire based on Jadus’s targets. The Agent will then be praised by Lord Jadus, and Watcher Two will encourage the Agent to use this time and Jadus’s trust to sabotage the ship, so they can then capture Jadus and disable the Eradicators that have not yet fired. The Agent then must choose if they want to ally themselves with Jadus, or sabotage the ship.

If the Agent uses the Eradicator weapons and allies with Jadus, Watcher Two will immediately express that the Agent will regret their betrayal. Jadus informs the Agent that the Eradicator’s purge will ready the Empire for Jadus’s return, but that the Agent must go to Dromund Kaas and kill Darth Xhorrid so Darth Jadus may take her spot on the council.

If the Agent uses the Eradicator weapons but then chooses to listen to Watcher Two and sabotage the ship in an attempt to capture Jadus, Darth Jadus will first praise him for activating the weapons, and the Agent will inform Watcher Two that they are on their way. Darth Jadus sense the Agent’s confusions, and tells the Agent to soothe themselves and savor the distress calls and the cries of fear and pain as the Eradicators work, a thousand voices screaming in terror. Jadus then turns away to enjoy his victory, and Watcher Two instructs the Agent to leave the bridge and take out the jamming signal, hyperdrive, and shield on the ship, as casualties from the Eradicator weapons are rising with every minute. The agent is free to roam the ship at this point, and distress calls from different worlds and colonies start playing on the intercom system as the agent works to sabotage the ship. Once the Agent cripples the ship, Watcher Two will call in reinforcements, and requests that the Agent keep Jadus occupied until they arrive. Watcher Two reminds the Agent that they can’t win against Jadus in personal combat, but that the Agent might be able to trap him. The Agent returns to Jadus on the bridge, where Jadus commends them for their boldness after what they have done, and attacks. Much like the light side option of not firing the Eradicators, the Agent must then distract Darth Jadus, and after a fight and accessing different controls, the Agent drops a small force field around Jadus on the bridge so he can not escape. Instead of leaving to initiate the destruction of the ship, the Agent stays with Jadus, preventing him from breaking out of his prison and leaving on his shuttle. The Imperial reinforcements arrive, and bombard the starship, accidentally knocking the agent out in the process. The Agent wakes up to cal holocall from Keeper, who addresses Lord Jadus in his force field, informing him that a boarding party is on the way. The agent then disables the eradicators, stopping the millions of deaths that were originally predicted, but still leaving thousands dead. Darth Jadus asks the Agent if their victory was worth it, and how many lives they would have sacrificed, and claims that the Eradicator’s full purge would have cut out the empire’s rot, but now the Dark Council will re-assert their strength, and punish or kill him, and without a revolution their cruel, pointless reign will go on. Watcher Two arrives on the bridge, explaining that the Dark Council will arrive soon, and that the Agent is dismissed.

The fifth and final possible outcome on Jadus’s ship is triggered while first talking to Jadus on the bridge, and is only available through a specific dialogue path. As the Agent is speaking with Jadus, it is made clear that Jadus requires the Agent’s codes to enact his plan in full, and the Eradicators firing blindly serves no one. If they Agent does not ally with Jadus, they can that if they die, Jadus will get nothing, and that Jadus has not thought this through. Jadus is not impressed with this statement, but the Agent can then go on to choose the “I know something you don’t.” which triggers the diplomatic solution. The Agent will claim that without the second set of codes, Jadus won’t be in a position to do anything, and lets Jadus know that their conversation is being recorded, and that eventually one of the members of the Agent’s team will escape and tell everyone Jadus’s plans, turning both the Sith and the terror network against Darth Jadus. The agent claims that Darth Jadus requires secrecy to work, and that he will be fully exposed. Water Two begs the Agent to stand down, and Darth Jadus creates a show of power, taunting the Agent that if they are so confident in their calls, that they should be willing to die for them, but the Agent can stand their ground and say Jadus has lost even if he kills them. At this point Jadus will stand down, and bargains with the Agent. In return for handing over the ship and the un-fired eradicator codes, Jadus will leave. Jadus claims that if the agent pursues no vendettas, then he will also pursue none – but that he will rebuild, and years from now, will return to the Dark Council. The Agent has earned both Jadus’s hatred and respect. Water Two enters the bridge, confirming that Jadus shuttle is jumping out of the system, and with her are two of the prisoners on Jadus’s ship, now free from his control. Watcher Two commends the Agent for talking down a Lord of the Dark Council, something she never thought was possible. Watcher Two enters the command codes and deactivates the Eradicators, neutralizing them. One of the slaves, no longer controlled by Jadus, attacks the Agent, blaming them for destroying Lord Jadus’s plans. Watcher Two explains that some of the slaves may be able reintegrate into society, but others are beyond help. Watcher Two is incredibly happy in this outcome, as the Empire is saved, Darth Jadus is on the run, and Imperial dreadnought is recovered and the survivors are rescued. Although Jadus is free, he’s lost his followers, his resources, and his base of operations, and the Agent set’s the ships’ course for home.

(Video) SWTOR - Imperial Agent Storyline: Oricon - The Dread War

Depending on what option the Agent chose, Darth Jadus may be in one of three states. If the Agent allies with him, Darth Jadus will make his triumphant return to the Dark Council. If the Agent captures Darth Jadus, he will be mostly removed from the future storyline. Lastly, if Jadus escapes, he will not directly be present but is still influencing the galaxy from the shadows.

When the Agent returns to Dromund Kaas, there are different outcomes depending on what choice they made.

If the Agent allied with Darth Jadus, instead of immediately returning to Imperial Intelligence, the Agent first stops at Darth Zhorrid’s chambers, eliminating her so Darth Jadus can take her place on the council. Darth Zhorrid is shocked to find out that her father is alive, and that Jadus ordered the Agent to kill her. After Zhorrid dies, Darth Jadus calls the agent, praising them for the death of his daughter,stating that the Eradicator’s will continue their bombardment, and that the Dark Council will kneel to him. Darth Jadus will remake the Empire in his image, and Imperial Intelligence will bring the Empire’s enemies under control. The Agent has proved their loyalty and strength, and he will name them the Hand of Jadus, his personal agent in this new age, continuing to serve intelligence, but serving Jadus above all others. When the Agent speaks with Watcher Two at Imperial Intelligence headquarters, Watcher Two frostily explains that since Eradication day, Darth Jadus has been solidifying his control. The previous Keeper was promoted to Minister of Intelligence, and Water Two, has become the new Keeper, even though she fought against Jadus on his ship. Watcher Two explains that Jadus’s mercy was most generous, and that she serves the Empire.

If the Agent does not ally with Jadus, they will return directly to Water Two in Imperial Intelligence, where she will inform them that after the encounter with Jadus, the Dark Council has chosen to make some changes, and that she is now the new Keeper, under the instruction of the Dark Council and Darth Zhorrid who is the leader of the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence.

At this point, the two stories converge.

Watcher Two is mounting an operation against the republic Strategic Informatin service, the Republic equivalent of Imperial intelligence. The main target is Ardun Kothe, SiS for nearly a decade, and responsible for sixten covert projects in the mid-rim, and the best spymaster the Republic has. Ardun Kothe’s divison recently received a classified sanction from the Republic senate, complete autonmy, no restrictions, believing that Ardun Kothe can win the war. Imperial Intellgience needs to know what he has planned. Imperial Intelligence has leaked documents to the SiS that say one of their top agents has been traumatized, and also sent inside messages to Ardun Kothe’s team from an inside source, from a cipher who is ready to turn and join the Republic. Watcher Two wants the Agent to contact SiS, and offer to be their spy inside the Empire. The Agent’s mission is to earn their confidence, discover their plan, and eliminate Ardun Kothe as part of a long-term deep-cover mission. Imperial Intellgience has set p a meeting with one of Ardun Kothe’s men on Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa (Return)

On Nar Shaddaa, the Agent meets with an operative codenamed Hunter, who demands that the Agent do SiS a favor before he will introduce the agent to their new employers. A new combat droid factory opened on Nar Shaddaa, and the SiS want it destroyed. After the Agent destroys the Imperial factory and retruns to Hunter, and introduces the Agent to the team: Saber, a Twi’lek sniper, Chance, who aided the Agent on the factory mission in slicing and mission control, and Wheel, their droid technology specialist. Once the team is introduced, Ardun Kothe passes through, introducing himself as the head of the division and inviting the Agent to his office.

In private, Ardun Kothe explains that he started receiving messages from the agent four months ago, and that the Agent’s peronnel file said they were traumatized when they learned the Darth Jadus was secrelty running a terrorist network, and murdering civilians. If the agent has allied with Darth Jadus, Ardun Kothe will instead say that they’ve been asking around about the Agent who wants to turn, and only got sketchy responses about Darth Jadus’s new regime, and that peole are suffering in Dromund Kaas, and Sith leading rituals in the street. Ardun Kothe assigns the Agent the new codename of Legate, and sends the Agent to Taris, as a double-agent in the Empire. Before the Agent leaves, Ardun Kothe apologies to the Agent, and states the word “Onomatohobia”, with the instructions “Thesh protocal, phase one.” The Agent’s head spins, but they then repeat the command back to Ardun Kothe in a monotone voice, and the agent shuts down. When the Agent awakes fully, they state they are awaiting orders, without the players’ input. The Agent follows a series of simple commands by Ardun Kothe, and finds they can not disobbey Ardun Kothe, not even to shoot him. The Agent is given a small amount of control back, and immediately realises they have been brainwashed, but they do not know how. Ardun Kothe stats that the Agent has a switch in their head that is now flipped, and that the Agent on’t be able to tell anyone about their programming, or hurt members of Ardun Kothe’s team, just in case the Agent’s real loyalty is still to the Empire. Rergardless of the Agent’s loyalty, Ardun Kothe still needs the Agent’s skills and will use them to save the Republic.


When Watcher Two calls the Agent on theri ship on the way to Taris, the Agent explains that there’s been a complication to the plan, but that they don’t think they can explain. Watcher Two reqeusts taht the agent does not break cover until they are certain of Ardun Kothe’s plans. Throughout the planet of Taris, the Agent will begin to hear a mysterious voice in their head, commenting on their freedom and their control by the keyword.

Over Taris, Ardun Kothe explaisn that the Republic is trying to rebuild Taris after its bombardment by the Sith, but that hte Empire has sent troops and droids to stop the rebuilding. On top of this, there is also a corrupt Jedi who is rotten to the core, with half her missions ending with someone dying, or artifacts and technology disappearaing from under her protection. Ardun Kothe believes that she is building a power base, and he needs the Agent to find out why. Chance believes she recently mounted a raid on an empire-controlled laboratory, and sends the agent to investigate there. On Taris, the agent gets clearance for the laboratory from Imperial Command, but learns that another member of Imperial Intelligence has alreafy beat the Agent there, and an emergency call claims that the laboratory is under attack by the rakghuols, muatant victims of a Tarisian plague. Arriving at the lab, the agent finds dozens for dead personnel and rakghouls, and meets Dr Lokin, another member of Imperial Intellgience who had been aassigned to Taris for a cleanup operation. Dr Lokin shows the agent that the rogue Jedi had been there, stealing research, equipment, and an ultrawave transmitter, and suggested that he and the Agent work together. Deeper in Taris, the Agent discovers the rogue Jedi has created a cult in her following, claiming she saved the Nikto people, bringing them to Taris. They came to find the secrets of the unfinished ultrawave transmitter, which can control the rakghoul colonies, turning them in to an army. With Dr lokins help, the Agent is able to track down where the rogue Jedi might be, but before they can arrive, Chance holocalls the agent, wunded form their own mission. Although the promised not to use the keyword against the agent in the past, and that they disagreed with how Ardun Kothe was handling the Agent, Chance uses the brainwash keyword to command the Agent to come rescue them, where the Agent can chose to save or kill the injured operative who is too hurt to use the keyword. The Agent eventually reaches the rogue Jedi’s base, and Ardun Kothe commands that the priority of the mission has changed to acquiring the ultrawave transmitter. When the Agent confronts the rogue Jedi, she confesses that its her destiny to rule the planet of Taris using the rakghouls, and attacks the Jedi, and the Agent defeats her. A rakghoul barges in to the room, and attacks the nearby cult members, and then stands in front of the agent, transforming in to Dr Lokin. Lokin says that he wanted to lok through the rogue Jedi’s research, and that he found the ultrawave transmitter, handing it over the the Agent.

At the Imperial Command center, Dr Lokin explains that he has been studying the rakghouls for some time, and his goal was to perfect a custom strain of the rakghoul cirus. His current research allowed him to key the strain to his own genetic structure, letting him freely revert between human and rakghoul forms. Lokin is also aware that the Agent was not sent to Taris by Imperial Intelligence, but proposes an alliance between him and the Agent, and Dr Lokin joins the Agent’s team.

When the Agent returns to their ship, they send the data from the ultrawave transmitter to Ardun Kothe… but durng their call, the Agent’s conditioning and brain damage causes them to go mad. They recognize the voice as belonging to Watcher X, who dpending on their choices, is either dead or escaped on Nar Shaddaa. They begin to see visions and auditory halluciantions including a flickering sitting Watcher X, crackling noises, a strange droid walking by, Ardun Kothe on the holocall turning in to Darth Jadus on a background of flames, crying sounds, a floating dark-side posessed child, a sideways floating droid, Ardun Kothe in the flesh whose mouth spits out tiny humanoids as he makes rakghoul noises, his bed filled with Watcher Two, a man, and a beast from the Forge on Tython watching from the corner, Keeper now the Minsiter of Intelligence shooting the agent in the back, until the Agent eventually falls on the ground, where he speaks more directly to Watcher X. Watcher X explains that he installed a chip in the Agent’s spine, to disguise them for the mission, and says that maybee that is how they are talking now, or maybe it’s the stress of being a double agent, triple agent, or the brainwashing damages to the Agent’s mind. Watcher X explains that he was also trapped by his conditoning and forced to subvert it, and that the Agent was programmed before they met the SIS. The Agent themselves admits that that republic doesn’t have the technology, and that brainwashing is an Imperial science. Watcher X admits he does not recognize it though, and that if the Agent wants freedom, and revenge, then they will need more information, which can be found on Dromund Kaas.

Dromund Kaas (Second Return)

Dr Lokin stabilizes the Agent, and the Agent returns to Dromund Kaas to secrelty access their own oersinnel files. In a recording, the Agent sees that the Minister of Intelligence, formelry Keeper, approving the application of Castellian restraints to the Agent. The recording states that the Lords of the Sith had expressed concern over the Agent’s confrontation with Darth Jadus, and that no Cipher agent should ever threaten a Dark council member. The safeguard would allow anyone with the keyword to shut down and reporgram the Agent’s mind mind, so they will be no danger to the Sith or the Empire. On the second terminal the agent learns that the IX Serum takes between three and thirty days as the IX Serum circulates and rewires the brain, and once the serum is fully absorbed, the subjects memory can be wiped, and a keyword and basic commands can be applied. No way to reverse the treatment has been developed, but theoretically, one could repeat the cyce and apply a new keyword, negating the old one, but that repeated used of the IX Serum could prove inhibiting. At the final terminal, the Agent learns that the IX Serum store has been depleted, and that the supply of dimalium-6 ingredient needs to be replenished from the planet of Quesh, the only source of the checmical.


On the surface of Quesh, the Agent speaks to a scientist who explains that he does not have any dimalium-6 as that Republic siezed the chemical mine some time ago, and it s under guard. The Agent tracks down th final checmical, and injects themselves with the Serum. Watcher X inserts themselves in to the Agent’s mind again, explaining that the serum is working, retracing neural pathways. Watcher x explains that the serum is unredictable and that it will take time, but that the Agent will be free, but for now, the Agent is still a pawn of the SIS as the Agent waits for the chance to escape.

Back on the ship, Saber the sniper calls the Agent to check up on them, and sends the Agent to Hoth.


Over Hoth, Ardun Kothe explains that years back, hundreds of ships over hoth got dragged into the atmosphere, dragging them down in to the starship graveyard. The Agents mission is to recover one of them, the Starbreeze shuttle, but the agent will have to fight off Republic salvage operations, Imperial sabuteurs, and pirates. Ardun Kothe instructs the agent to work with an Imperial admiral on planet, who is also looking for a long list of salvage, including the Starbreeze. On the ground, the Agent meets with Search and Recovery, then tries to meet up with the Admiral. but over holocall, the Admiral orders the Agent to be killed and tortured for information, to keep his own salvage mission undisturbed. The Agent heads over to the Search and Recovery headquarters, where the Chiss Ascendancy is also stationed, who avoided the Admiral’s treachery. Inside, the Agent meets Enseign Raina Temple, of the Chiss expansionary forces. The Base Commander, a member of the Chiss Ascendancy, offers to help the Agent stop the Admiral. As the Agent performs recon on Hoth, Hunter calls the Agent to check in, and Watcher X warns the Agent not to underestimate Hunter. During a raid on a pirate base invovled in the salvage operation, Ensign Temple distracts the pirates through a small display of Force mind control. Ensign later explains that she is mildly Force senstive, and that if the Sith were to discover her, they would force her in to the Academy, and that she would not survive the ordeal as her Force powers are not strong enough for Force moves like lightning or seeing the future, and that she has never trained in the way of the Force. The Agent finds a holocall showing the Admiral confessing hee hid a Republic shuttle full of secrets in the starship graveyard so that one day he could claim his prize. The Agent travels to starship graveyard, and encounters the Admiral in front of the starbreeze, defeating him and his pirate allies, and the Agent calls Hunter to inform him of the shuttles recovery. Before taking off with the shuttle, Ensign Temple escapes the graveyard with the agent on the stolen ship, where they fly it to a hidden location to meet Hunter. Hunter tells the Agent that if he wants Temple to live, the Agent must keep Temple a secret and stash her on their ship, using the keyword to command that if Raina Temple becomes a threat to the mission, the Agent must kill her. Ensign Temple is transffered to under the Agent’s command, and joins the Agent’s team.

Back on the ship, the Agent speaks with Ardun Kothe, and asks how hunter joined the SiS. Ardeon Kothe explains that he used to do corporate security, and was recruited a few years back, and thanks the agent for the recovery of the Starbreeze, and sends the Agent to quesh.

Quesh (Return)

Over Quesh, Watcher Two checks in with the Agent, worried about their state of mind and their dedication to the mission. Watcher X reminds the Agent that the serum is working, and encourages them to continue playing the game until they are free.

On Quesh, the entire SiS team will be on the same mission surface-side. A scientist team years ago were instructed to design a weapon cvapable fo turning back the Imperial threat, a shadow arsenal of missiles cloaked from detection and mmore powerful than any made before. It was assumed that the Shadow Arsenal was never completed, but it was built, and conceleaed on Quesh. The activation codes were hidden in the ultrawave transmitter, the Starbreeze lead the SiS to Quesh, and those clues were combined with other to discover the weapon when al its records had been wiped. With over 200 missiles in the Shadow Arsenal, it would only tae one to destroy Kaas City, and Ardun Kothe believes that the threat of having them along should make the Sith surrender. The Agent’s mission is to sneak into the old manufacturing compex, and secure the facility, with help from the SIS team. At the end of the call, Hunter once again uses the keyword to control the agent, whose serum has not fully freed their mind yet. The Agent deactivates the complex’s shields, allowing the SIS shuttle to land and recover the arsenal. At this point, Ardun Kothe instructs the Agent to go back to Imperial Intelligence, as this mission is completed. Hunter uses the keyword a final time to command the agent to hold position, but Watcher x intervenes, stating that the Agent is out of time, and that although the serum isn’t complete, it’s time to rewrite the Agent’s programming with new commands, new keyboards, and no outside control. Watcher X chooses the Agent’s new keyword, iconoclasm, and allows the Agent to pick their own new program. The Agent can choose between three options – eternal freedom, power, or revenge. Before he leaves, Watcher X asks the Agent to stop the SIS, and find out how they obtained Imperial brainwashing codes, as there are truths the Agent needs to know. In the complex, the Agent finds Saber and Wheels under fire, where they can choose to convince the team they are trying to help, or kill them now that they are free from the commands. The Agent finds the Shadow Arsenal and confronts Ardun Kothe about their brainwashing. Ardne Kothe explains that what he did to the Agent was unforgiveable, but that he did it anyway. Ardun Kothe suspected that the Agent’s defector story was a lie, and that he couldn’t risk it. Ardun Kothe reveals that before he was the SIS chief, he was a Jedi, but could not follow the Jedi code. The Agent fights Ardun Kothe, and the Agent can choose to let him go or kill or captur him. If the Agent chooses to kill him, or capture him, Ardun Kothe will use trickery to hide himself behind a shield, and have the automated defenses kill him rather than being handed over to the Empire. If the Agent chooses to let him go, Ardun Kothe will escape, leaving the Shadow Arsenal behind. [[if not kill ardne othe will see on corelia, and will kill the Sith at th end of the story, letting the agent join them as a true doublee-agent ]]

After the Shadow Arsenal’s recovery, Hunter holocalls the Agent, leting them know Hunter knows they are no longer brainwashed, and that a swuadron of Imperial bombers will soon be attacking the complex and destroying the Shadow Arsenal. The agent asks whose side he’s on, and first begins to realize that Hunter is not simply a member of Republic SIS.

Dromund Kaas (Third Return)

When the Agent returns to Imperial headquarters, the Minister of Intelligence, fomrerly Keeper, confronts the agent, saying that he knows the Agent stole their own personnel file, that the Agent discovered their brainwashing, and that they are now free, and admis that he is resposible for all of it. The minister goes on to explain that the sith wanted the Agent under control, and that ifthe Mnister had not approved it, the Agent would be dead by the hands of the Dark Council. The Minister explains there’s a bigger plot than the Agents brainwashing by Imperial Intelligence, and that the SIS should never have posessed Imperial birthright codes, and that Ardun Kothe’s shuttle was found abandoned without any data on the Shadow Arsenal, and there’s no evidence of an agent named “hunter” ever existed. The Minister suggests that someone, either Hunter or his employer, is manipulating this war for his own ends, someoen with acces to both Republic and Imperial resources. and this person is the one who gave Ardun Kothe the Agent’s brainwashing keyword.

Isen Four

Imperial Intelligence had received a request for help from the Isen Four colony, where a suspect matching Hunter’s description boarded a suttle to the asteroid colony. When the Agent arrives at the colony, there are trace toxns in the air, and many dead colonists and destroyed droids. Isen Four had been attacked, and even after the colonists surrendedred, the attacks did not cease. Following Hunter’s trail, the Agent discovers a terminal Hunter had hacked, and Hunter holocalls the agent, claiming that he caused the massacre, to fuel the war between the Republic and the Empire, pinning the attack on Imperial forces, and warns the Agent to stay of his tail. The Agent can choose to eliminate any survivors of Isen Four, so they do no spread the news of the massacre, or choose to try and solve the problem through diplomacy.

Dromund Kaas (Fourth Return)

During the Agent’s debriefing back on Dromund Kaas, the Miister informs the Agent that the technology used to override the Isen Four terminal was from a mission lead by Imperial Intelligence eight years ago called Operation Starbender. In Operation Starbender, a pirate fleet was about to destroy an Imperial base, bu the pirates’ flagship exploded, sabotaged by unknown persons, using the same technology as on Isen Four. Watcher Two explains that she reviewed other lucky incidents on file, and found out that she found a recording filed under Operation Morningcrest where Hunter can be heard reporting in, stating that he is inside the SIS, and another unknown voice commanding them to maintain cover for sixth months, then proceed. Going further back through the recorders, Imperial Intellgience found 62 relevant incidents with patterns of outside intervention, going back centuries, even before the Empire revealed itself to the galaxy, but nine are from the past five years. Watcher Two’s theroy is that this interference is being carried out by an organization with espionage training and extenseive resources, unaffiliated with the Republic or Empire, but that she can not guess at their motvations. The Agent’s newm ission is to discover who these invisiable agents are, and stop them before they do something catastrophic.

(Video) SWTOR - Agent Storyline and Companion Endings

If the Agent allied with Darth Jadus, the Agent will meet with them in his chambers. Darth Jadus commends the Agent for their role against the Emppire’s enemies in the Republlic, and for serving capably since his ascension but explains that the Agent’s role must now change. He says that the future of the war is cataclysm, and that he has deciphered the Emperor’s plans, and whether he succeeds or fails, Jadus will emerge stronger, but that he must remove himself from the field of conflict. He proclaims that the Agent will keep the galaxy in his absence, and that the Agent will have his authority, but not his protection. Darth Jadus reguses to tell the Agent his plans, but only tell them he is preparing for the futureand to trust that the time of his retrun will come, and that the Agent’s obdience will be rewarded. Although Jadus does not command the Agent to find the mysterious agents, he tells the Agent that if they deem the conspirators worthy of attention, to find and destroy them, but choose enemies carefully, as there is neither time nor opportunity for mistakes.

On their ship, the Agent is instructed to travel next to Belsavis to begin their searchy for the conspirators. Imperial Intelligence explains that the Republic has used Belsavis as a prison to hold the galaxy’s most dangerous individuals, but that the conspirators are also using Belsavis for their own needs. The conspirators pulled string with Republic higher-ups to construct Megasecurity Ward 23, the highest-security ward, and the Agnet needs to find out what’s inside. The Agent’s mission is to estbalish themselves as an inmate, then assemble their own gang fro the prison to break in to the Megascurty ward. The Agent is succesfyl in putting together a team and sneaking in to the ward, but discovers some sort of sentient droid entity watching them from the ward, who is trying to prevent them from entering. Once the Agent works their way thorugh the wards final shields, they dsicover fully powered kolto tank buried under Belavis. As the Agent walks forwward, terminals power on, showing holograms of the kolto tanks residents, who speak to hte Agent. Scorpio, th droid who has been watching th Agent, is also present in the vault, and attacks the Agent. The Agent prevails, and continues their conversation from the holograms. The Agent explains that somene has been manipulating the galaxy, and that the trail led here. The holograms explain that the conspirators use the vaulti n Belsavis to hide technological advancements hidden to the galaxy, including microdroids, genetic maps, the Scorpio artifical intelligence, and the holograms themselves, who are men and women who were too respected to kill, to be preserved later for knowledge. Diplomats, explorers, and philosophers. The orders original purpose was noble, to save civilization after the Jedi and the Sith nearly destroyed it, dring the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War, when the Republic had triumphd, the Empire had fled, and the galaxy was in ruins. The founders were men of infuence who asked why the conflict had not been stopped, and why millions had to die. The Order cam to the conclusion that the Jedi and the Sith were respnisble, and resolved to control their actions from the shadows, and to keep the Republic and Empire seperate. The Agent finally learsn the name of the conspirators and secret masters – the Star Cabal. The original founds wer spies and nobility, scientists and crimelords, and the founders allowed the jedi and Sit supreme power in their world of religion and hereditary might, knowing that the real world runs on information, money and technolology. The hologram claims that the galaxy belongs to the Star Cabal, and almost no one realises the truth.

The hologram states that he has seen his successors grow cold and hungry for power, each generation coming to them for wisdom, then returning them to the dark of the kolto tanks, telling them nothing. The tank resident tells the agent that they do not know what the Star Cabal has become, but that they are corrupt, and that he will help the Agent. The hologram instructs the Agent on how to repair SCORPIO, and how to use her restraining codes, as she may be able to lead the Agent further. The Agent revives SCORPIO, and SCORPIO angrily accompanies the Agent.

Back on the ship, SCORPIO uploads all the information she has about her former masters to Imperial intelligence. During the call, the Agent’s ship is attacked by a Prince, son of Baroness Cortress from Alderaan. After a heated battle, the Prince states that they know the Agent’s came, and they they will come for them, as Hunter spreads the Agent’s name as a target across the galaxy to slow them down. The Agent can choose to place the prince in to custody, to kill him, or send him back to Alderaan.

Watcher Two has a new lead once the Agent is finished dealing with the Prince, as Imperil Intelligence found a holoconference record involving Hunter and some other parties. While Intelligence only has a record of the call, the ctual call itself may be found on the Tytun Rings, a massive self-maintiang repository of all galactic communications, originally created by an entrepeneur. The Agent finds the conference recording, and discovers that Hunter seems to be speaking to Nok Drayen, speaking about leaving, and the loss of the cell on Tatooine. A figure named The Creeper is also caught on the recordings.

On Dromund Kaas, the slightly corrupted recording is played, where it appears there is a large meeting of Star Cabale members. A figure named Yem Leksende calls the meeting to order, and Nok Drayen mocks him for his formality. Also present are Senator Voralla and Representative Shuuru. Korovish, a female blue Twi’lek from Tython is also present, and Hunter teases her about her earnest padawans. A figure only named The Prince explains that things may spin out of control after Darth Angral, Darth Baras. and next the Children who are awakening, and the twi’lek states that for ach there is a Republic counterbalance. Hunter suggests they sit back, and enjoy the spectacle. The Prince preaches patience, and also refers to Hunter as their enforcer, and that they will move their plan forward, to Armageddon. While watching, Watcher Two has a private vision of being choked by The Prince, and falls to the ground, and around her the other Watchers do the same. Watcher Three explains that the transmission had a hidden overlay, a code or image only a genetically enhanced mind could recognize, designed to overwhelm and shut down the brain. This trap would be a seve blow to the war, as Imperil Intelligence would be losing both Keper and many analysts, and the Agent is on their own, and Watcher Three suggest the Agent try Voss next.

On the Agent’s ship, Hunter surprises the Agent with a call, taunting the Agent about the injured agents, and threatening the Agent, telling the Agent to back off. Hunter finally gives some explanation about his motives when the Agent demands to be told, and Hunter asks him if they know what it’s like to have no identity and no one in the galaxy who can control you. Hunter expresses that it’s terrifying and wondergul, and promises the Agent a taste of that freedom if they live to see Imperial Intelligence die.


Watcher Three allows Vector to brief the Agent on Voss, as he has more experience with Voss than anyone as a diplomat. On Voss, there was a species with citizens who cna use the force – not Jedi, not Sith, but something else. Voss has remained neutral, but both the Republic and the Empire have been petitioning them to ally. Imperial Intelligence has an operative on the ground, but Watcher Three does not have his details, but a meet was arranged for the Agent. On Voss, the Agent discovers the operative is actually a Voss, or rather a human intelligence agent who has been surgically altered to look like the real Voss who lived there, and who has been living with his Voss family for five years, the only way to infiltrate sch a closed society. The operative tells the Agent that a few years ago, a human showed whom the Voss called the “Shining Man”. Although it was unknown where he came from, it only took him five weeks to go from outsider to practically Voss. He knew their rites, their culture, their politics, and the operative suggests that it was a textbook case of infiltration, impossibly perfect, but then he died in his sleep, buried with honours. The operative instructs the Agent to find the tomb, and see what he left behind. At the tomb, the Agent only finds a scroll, and no body. Returning to Vosss-ka, the operative tells the Agent that the scroll is written in memory of the man’s death, calling the Shining Man a man of prophecy who was made whole in the Wellspring of the Shrine of Healing. The Agent is next sent to the Shrine of Healing, and the oerative suggests that the Agent should face the trials and follow the rules of the mystics.

If the Agent chooses to go through the ritual, claiming that there are terrible things their past and they wish to be made whole, and that they sometimes wonder who they are, they will go through a ritual with a Voss mystic. The mystic explains that the ritual is recorded in a vitalicron, which is genetically locked to the participant. Going through the ritual, the agent first learns about their past, starting with before the Keepers reshaped them. The Agent will have different options based on their species, and may choose options such as being an alien on the streets, an ambitious child, a naive alien among humans, a proud Chiss servant of Csilla, a patriot. Next, the Mystic will summarize the Agent’s choices with Jadis, with different options appearingin depending on what they chose to do. The Mystic then asks of the Agent’s wound, and the Agent may repply that their cause gives them strength, that they have lost their purpose, or that they have lost their purpose. Last, the Mystic claims that the Agent is in a season of mists, all things obscured, and asks what the Agent will become. The Agent can state they want to be free, or that they can be anyone they like.


If the Agent, [[threaten??]]

Inside the Voss vault, the Agent finds a genetically-locked record of the Shining Man’s visit to the shrine, and the operative sends the Agent a genetic workup based on the ashes the Agent found in the Shinnig Man’s tomb. The Agent also learns from the operative that the Shining Man has not identity matches or evidence he existed before Voss. In the recording, there is a Voss recounting the the Shining man knew their ways and bore a scroll, and the Shining Man feigns memory loss. The voss says that the scroll contained a prophecy from the Chamber of Ashes that had been lost, gaining the Voss mystics approval. Before the Agent can investigate, they receive a holocall from a Bounty Hunter starting that the Voss operative has been kidnapped, luring the Agent deep on to the forests of Voss to meet in privacy. At the meet point the Agent finds not only bounty hunters but also Fa’athara, the hutt they had originally sabotaged back on Hutta as the Red Blade, there to seek revenge. The Agent can choose to kill the hutt, or let him go. The Voss operative is badly hurt, but before he passes, he lets the Agent know that the only maps to the nightmare lands, where the Shining Man found his scroll of prophecy, are locked in tha capitol building. Returning to the Voss operative’s family, the Agent relays the news of his death, and the need to retrieve the sacred maps. The Voss operative’s family explains that the carvings are protected heritage, and that only a Voss may study them. The Agent may choose one of two options to obtain the scroll, to either threaten the family and storm the capital by force an steal the documents, or become Voss by marrying either the Voss son or daughter depending on their character’s gender, where the Agent will go through the Voss wedding ceremony.

In the Nightmare Lands, the Agent finds the Shining Man’s original ship, and hints about his former life as a member of the conspiracy, his role in manufacturing a martyr for the Voss, and a request to give Hunter his love. The ship is destroyed, the Agent receives a holocall from the voss family stating that Voss interpreters of prophecy see that the Chamber of Ashes is ablaze, and that they wish to meet with the Agent. The Agent meets with the governing body of Voss, known as the Three, and share that a prophecy speaks about the Agent’s arrival on Voss. It is revealed that the prophecy that fits the Agent also fits the Shining Man, and that they do not know for sure if the prophecy was meant for the Agent, the Shining Man, both, or neither. The Voss explain that the Shining Man told them about the secrets of the galaxy, and proposed the Voss make no alliance with outsiders for three thousand days, and in return, he promised the warring native alien species would eliminated, and that no outsiders and no new ships would enter their system, and that the Republic and the Empire would cease toe exist. The Voss chose to ally with no one for 8 years, stating that they were offered much for little.

The Agent retruns to their ship, transmitting everything he learned to Imperial Intelligence, and is immediately recalled to headquarters.

Dromund Kaas (Fifth Return)

On Dromund Kaas, the Agent walks in on a Sith force-choking Watcher Three, expressing his displeasure. The Sith informs the Agent that by order of the Dark Council, the Operations Division is being dissolved, and that personnel will be reassigned to wartime units or to deserving Sith Lords. The Ministry of War feels that Intelligence has failed to do its part, and wishes to use Intelligence’s resources as its own. rumors of Intelligence chasing conspiracies, of Keeper being incapacitated and unable to perform her duties, of corruption and treason, have reached the Sith, and in response they have chosen to dismantle Imperial Intelligence, mainly handing over the assets or Lord Baras, Minister of War. During this time, Kaliyo is also rounded up, branded an anarchist and an enemy of the Empire, to be interrogated and judged, but the rest of the Agent’s team is allowed to remain intact including Vector, Lokin, Temple and SCORPIO. The Sith informs the Agent that they are being transferred to his brigade on the Corellian front lines. Back on their ship, the Agent expresses to his team that although the front lines of Corellia are likely a trap, they intend to find out why, and follow the answer to find the Star Cabal.


The war on Corellia marches on, a Republic Core world where the Empire is fighting street-by-street, under the Sith’s command, who favors heavy Imperial losses as long as the Republic burns. The Agent is sent on a series of war-time missions and bombing campaigns, where they receive a mysterious transmission, who requests the Agents help against the conspiracy by slicing Republic trooper data. In a Republic base, the Agent finds that the Republic has far more forces and resource than the Empire expected, which the transmitter believes is another sign that the invisible conspirators are playing both sides.

After the Agent completes their mission on Corellia, the transmitter reveals themself to be the previously-incapacitated Watcher Two. Watcher Two explains to the Agent that the conspirators dissolved Intelligence because they had discovered that the Star Cabal was exerting unprecedented influence on Corellia, and that the Agent was transferred to Corellia to discover their endgame and expose them before it’s too late. When the Agent arrived on Corellia, Imperial records showed that the Empire was at an advantage – that their troops were more numerous, and their weapons more advanced. The report the Agent recovers on Corellia reveals that this was alie, and that not only is the Republic at an advantage with their reinforcements, the Sith on the planet have been expending Imperial troops on power plays instead of the war. In the finale of Corellia’s story, the Imperial Agent fights a Jedi Knight who struck down the Sith Lord who the Agent had been assigned to.

As the Agent is leaving Corellia, Watcher Two, now Keeper, confirms that the Star Cabal is using the war to decimate to two military forces at once. She has also discovered an airship above Corellia, and instructs the Agent to be captured and interrogated, whre the Agent could feed them false information about secret Imperial reinforcements, causing them to scramble. In the chaos, Keeper hopesthat their center of operations would be revealed.

Aboard the airship, the Agent discovers a dooms day party, where the elite of Corellia are being distracted as they watch the bombs reign down on their planet, enjoying themselves one last time on the Apocalypse Barge. At the bar, The Agent is able to communicate with Hunter by holocall, where he reveals the party keeps them focused on themselves instead of doing anything constructive. Hunter brags to the Agent about having won, and that for the first time in fourteen hundred years, ordinary people would rule – no more Jedi, no more Sith, a new galaxy, unted, at peace, with the Star Cabal in charge. At the end of their talk, Hunter gasses the Agent, knocking him out. During the interrogation the Agent plants the reinforcement knowledge according to plan. The Agent either escapes or is abandoned after the interrogation is complete. Keeper instructs the Agent to fake their own death to avoid suspicion, by rigging the Corellian military museum with explosives, and escaping in the tunnels below. As the agent sets the explosives, an SIS team tracks them down, but the Agent successfully escapes and fakes their death.


Aboard the secret starship Tenebrous, the Agent discovers the remnants of Imperial Intelligence as well as their companion Kaliyo. Watcher Two greets him, but she is still recovering from the digital attack on headquarters. She explains that the Minister of Intelligence brought former members of Intelligence together after the ministry was dissolved, and recruited a core of loyal operatives. During a meeting with the Minister, the Agent is told that their work on Corellia allowed Intelligence to trace the conspirator’s communications to a space station in the Null Zone, and the Minister sends the Agent there immediately, with a mission to eliminate and members of the inner circle present, and obtain their records, including the names of their followers, their resources, and every black project they’ve co-opted. With the Star Cabals secrets, Intelligence can scour the galaxy for what’s left of their membership, so they can not regroup. The Minister also explains that once the crisis passes, the Sith will want the conspirators secrets in safe hands, secrets including how to blackmail, how to brainwash, and how to disappear.

Star Cabal (Finale)

The Agent takes a cloaked ship to the Null Zone, and sneaks aboard the space station, where they discover a meeting being held by the Star Cabal. At the meeting, the Star Cabal ids discussing the loss of Corellia, and how it will be handled, with some members attending in persn and other attending by holocall.

Characters seen:

The Prince
Kolovish, Twi’lek (Holo)
Yem Leksende, Czerka Corporation Special Executive (Holo)
The Creeper, Sir Trilag of the Mecrosa Order of Assassins (in person)

(Video) SWTOR Story Catch Up: Rise of the Hutt Cartel

The Agent will swoop in to the meeting, and be attacked by The Prince and The Creeper, as the other members flee. Keeper identifies several of the holograms, and sens their dossiers to the military, Korriban, and the bounty hunter guilds, marking them as an enemy of the state, but has constructed a cover story for each target.

The Agent must then make their way through a series of traps and security measures before reaching the Star Cabal’s black codex, which contains all the Star Cabal’s secrets and identities. There they finally confront Hunter in person, where Hunter laments that the Agent is Imperial, and that otherwise they could have been partners. The agent fights Hunter, and wins. Hunter, kneeling in defeat, tells the Agent that everything the star Cabal has built, and everything they hid from the Agent, is not the Agent’s responsibility, and that he thinks the Agent will take good care of it. Hunter goes on to explain that he was trained by the best killers, slicers, and that he even trained on Tatooine… but that he had never shown his real face in a long time. He reveals that the Hunter persona was false including his appearance, gender and voice, and reveals that she is actually a woman, who had been disguised using the same disguise technology as the Agent had seen on Tatooine. Hunter tells the Agent that she was a little girl when they found her, and that they had erased her name, her planet, and that eventually it was easier to make up someone new, and that the Star Cabal knew her true identity, but that as long as she was good, they didn’t care how she looked.

If the Imperial Agent is playing a male character, Hunter will go on to say that by the time the Agent came along, it was too late to change, and that the Agent understood that she liked them, and that she had tried to keep them alive, and keep it fun. The male Agentcan then choose to take her prisoner, kill her, or kiss her. [[Will hunter always be in love with the agent, or does it depend on choices?]]

If the Imperial Agent is playing a female character, Hunter will express that she was so jealous of the Imperial Agent, as she was allowed to keep her face when she became Cipher Nine. Rather than the choice to kiss her, the female Agent may express that Hunter was the best enemy she could have asked for, kill her, or capture her.

No matter what the Agent chooses, Hunter will choose to go out on her own terms, and electrocute herself. The Agent may have also chosen to shoot her earlier, never allowing her the chance to reveal her true face.

Star Cabal (Black Codex)

The Agent will step over her body to recover the Star cabal databank information from the Black Codex, and recovers the greatest secrets of the greatest conspiracy ever known.

After the Agent recovers the data, multiple things may happen depending on the choices they made earlier in the story.

If the Agent chose to side with Darth Jadus, two Sith will show up, claiming that they work for Darth Jadus, and that although Jadus has left known space, he is still aware of what is going on. The two Sith tell the Agent to hand over the data record, so that they can deliver it to Lord Jadus, to enhance his glory. The Agent can choose to give it to them, lie and hand them a fake copy, destroy it, or refuse.

Otherwise, the same two Sith will show up, claiming to work for the Dark Council, and that they were sent to help. The Dark Council is aware that Imperial Intelligence is operating without authorization, and the Sith request that the Agent turn over the data to the Dark Council, so it may enhance the glory of the Empire. The Agent may choose to give it to the Dark Council, lie and hand them a fake copy, refuse, or destroy it.

If the Agent chooses to lie to the Sith, the Agent claims that the Star cabal wiped the main databank, but that they downloaded what they could, and that the Dark Council or Darth Jadus should use it well. The Agent instead hands over their holocommunicator, which is encrypted, but the Agent knows they will figure it out soon and uses the time to make their escape.

If the Agent chooses to turn over the Codex to the Sith, the Sith will take it and leave.

If the Agent chooses to keep the codex instead of giving it to the Sith, the Agent will destroy terminal behind him, and the Sith will run away as it explodes, but not before threatening the Agent with death.

If the Agent chooses to destroy the codex, the same thing will happen, with the Agent destroying the black codex and [[??]]

If the Agent saved Ardun Kothe earlier in the story, instead of the two Sith arriving and demanding the codex, they will instead stumble in and fall over, dead with Ardun Kothe in their wake. Ardun Kothe explains that the Agent had told quite a tale about the Star cabal and that he wanted to see it himself by following the Agent’s ship. Ardun Kothe explains that if the Agent hands over the Codex to the Empire, they’ll use it to blackmail half the galaxy. He asks the Agent to hand it over to the SIS, and that they will handle the Star Cabal,and that Ardun Kothe will keep the data out of the wrong hands. The Agent can choose to refuse and keep it, destroy the codex, or to trust Ardun Kothe and hand it over. If they Agent refuses, Ardun Kothe will walk away and not try to take the Codex, claiming that he’s a better man since meeting the Agent. If the Agent chooses to hand it over, Ardun Kothe will take it to SIS. If the Agent chooses to destroy it, the Agent will drop a grenade and both they and Ardun Kothe will run out of the room, and Ardun Kothe will laugh and leave, stating that the Empire will not like the Agent’s choice. If the Agent chooses to hand over the Black Codex to Ardun Kothe, AND the agent is light side I or higher, Ardun Kothe will offer the Agent the chance to join the Republic and become a true double agent – allowing the Agent to remain in the Empire, but work to reduce bloodshed and change the Empire from the inside out, in an effort to end the war. The Agent can choose to accept or deny the offer. If the Agent chooses to accept the offer, the Agent explains that they believe if the Empire wins the war, the cost will be too great for the galaxy, and that when the Republic needs the Agent, the Agent will be waiting for their call.

Tenebrous (Return)

The agent will then return to the Tenebrous, to meet with Keeper and Minister of Intelligence.

If the Agent is playing a male character, they may have a tender reunion kiss with Keeper that includes a slap and a second kiss.

If the Agent has handed over the Black Codex to either the Dark Council or to Darth Jadus, Keeper will angrily confront the Agent, and tell them that the Empire will continue on its course, and that the Sith will be pleased. Imperial Intelligence will not be rebuilt, and it is likely that the Agent will head its successor. The Star Cabal gave the Sith an excuse to cannibalize Imperial Intelligence, and that they would never give power back now. The agent will be able to head a slate of Black Projects, with the conspirators secrets as their weapons. The Minister promises dark times ahead for the Agent.

If the Agent had lied or refused to hand over the Codex, and has brought the intact Black Codex with them to the Tenebrous, the Minister demands that the Agent hand over the Black Codex data, so that they can track down and eliminate the surviving conspirators. The Minister goes on to explain his envy of the remarkable technology that allowed the Star Cabal to stay invisible for centuries and work independent of the great powers, but that in his career he can barely scratch his nose without being bothered by a Dark Lord. The Minister goes on to explain that Imperial Intelligence will not be rebuilt, and that the Agent can use the Black Codex to help them go dark, and destroy all records of their identity, allowing them to answer to no one, and allow the Agent to serve the Empire as a true free agent. Although the Minister is unsure if he will survive the transition at the hands of the Sith, the other members of Imperial Intelligence will act as the Agent’s allies on the inside. will the Agent operates in the Shadows. The Agent gets their freedom, and the Empire gets an invisibly ally. The Agent then uses the Black Codex to eliminate all mentions of Cipher nine from the galaxy, and the Minister explains the Agent is now a ghost with enough secrets to blackmail the galaxy. [[can the agent choose to NOT hand over that data to the underground imperial intelligence but still become a ghost?]]

If the Agent chose to destroy the codex, the Agent can claim that they destroyed the Black Codex, that there was nothing on it, or that someone else must have taken it. The Minister is frustrated, and explains that the conspirators weapons and resources won’t disappear just because the data is gone, and that Intelligence can not predict who will obtain them. The other consequences include Imperial intelligence will not be rebuilt, and that the secrets were the Agent’s chance to buy protection, and now the Agent will be branded a renegade working unsanctioned missions. He goes on to explain that there will be power struggles, that dark days are coming for the empire, and that he can not protect the Agent. The Minister is unsure if he will survive the change in power, and warns the Agent not to share his fate.

If the Agent chose to give the Black Codex to Ardun Kothe, the conversation with the Minister will follow the same path as if the agent chose to destroy the codex – the agent will lie, claiming that the codex was destroyed, was empty, or was taken by someone else.

The Agent will meet with their crew on their ship, where the crew express their loyalty, regardless of the Agent’s decisions. Watcher Two will holocall, asking what the Agent plans to do next. The Agent can say that they will find out soon enough, or that the Agent plans find threats to the Empire and stop them, or that the Agent will seek out the Empire’s enemies. The story ends with the Agent’s ship flying out in to the galaxy, either as a ghost free from control, as the future head of reformed Sith Intelligence, as a hunted renegade agent, or as a double-agent for the Republic. [[are those options correct?]]


some options

(Video) Recap of Xenogears (RECAPitation)

Imperial Agent Story In-Depth Summary (1) Questions or comments? Feel free to send me a message on Twitter @swtorista, Reddit /u/swtorista, Youtube Swtorista channel or by e-mail at the same name with at the end. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. ~ Swtorista


What happens if you disable the eradicators? ›

If the Agent choose to disable the Eradicators, Jadus will make his anger known and attack the Agent. The Agent will fight Jadus, and as Jadus is recovering from the attack the Agent will quickly reroute the power and trap him in an internal force field.

Why is Imperial Agent story so good? ›

The imperial agent story is really well written, with characters that are evolving from the very first moment you meet them to the end of your class story. You get to really feel part of Imperial intelligence, with well fleshed out cast of supporting characters.

How many shots do eradicators get? ›

This means that a full Eradicator squad of 6 models has the opportunity to fire 14 S8, AP -4 shots with 10 having a damage of d6+4 and the other four at d6+2.

How good are eradicators? ›

The Eradicators are Primaris Space Marines. They have a toughness of five and three wounds but it's their gun that really sets them apart. They have a Melta Rifle, which is kind of in between a Melta gun and a Melta Cannon. They are assault one but have the range of the Melta Cannon.

What is the max level in SWTOR? ›

Yes, to 80. Yes, new level cap is 80. And from what I've seen on PTS, they are actually putting the old content to level 80 as well, unlike Onslaught. Yeah that's a given with any expansion.

What SWTOR class should I play? ›

SWTOR: What Class Should I Play (Legacy of the Sith - 2022) - YouTube

What is an eradicator? ›

Definitions of eradicator. someone who exterminates (especially someone whose occupation is the extermination of troublesome rodents and insects) synonyms: exterminator, terminator. type of: killer, slayer.

What is a multi melta? ›

The Multi-Melta is a heavier version of the standard Imperial Meltagun that is composed of multiple Meltagun barrels. The Multi-Melta is also known, like other Melta Weapons, as a "Cooker" or "Vape Gun" and is a formidable anti-personnel and anti-armour weapon.

Has the Indomitus crusade ended? ›

As originally chronicled in the Dark Imperium novel series by Guy Haley published in 2017-2018 early in the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000, the Indomitus Crusade lasted for roughly 100 standard years and ended with the Plague Wars.

Are eradicators heavy support? ›

Eradicators are a new Primaris Space Marine Heavy Support unit. Clad in Mk X Gravis Armor and armed with deadly Melta Rifles, this heavy infantry unit serves as a close range anti-armor fire support unit. Durable but slow, they a major threat to any armored unit and the heaviest infantry.

Are heavy intercessors Primaris? ›

A Heavy Intercessor, who is usually part of a Heavy Intercessor Squad, are Primaris Space Marines who serve on the battleline and are a potent defensive force. Clad in thick Mark X Gravis Power Armour, Heavy Intercessors are used to secure ground already won and are immovable in its defence.

What is a Primaris chaplain? ›

Primaris Chaplain. Space Marine Chaplains are the spiritual leaders of Space Marine Chapters. Warrior-priests, they fight alongside their battle-brothers, chanting the Chapter's sacred battle creeds, and inspiring their brethren to greater feats of bravery.

Who is the Superman with yellow glasses? ›

Eradicator (character)
Alter egoDr. David Connor
Place of originKrypton
Team affiliationsOutsiders Team Superman
PartnershipsSuperman Superboy Cyborg Superman General Zod
9 more rows

How do you spell eradicator? ›

ERADICATOR Synonyms: 22 Synonyms & Antonyms for ERADICATOR |


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