Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Things Fans Forgot About Drusilla (2023)

Despite not being one of the main figures in the series, the vampire Drusilla was easily one of the most memorable side characters in the Buffyverse. Aside from her partnership with the punk vampire Spike,she is primarily known as one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's most diabolical and persistent villains.

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As portrayed by Juliet Landau, Drusilla first appeared in the Buffyverse in season 2 and continue to bedevil the Scooby Gang into the show's final seventh season.Later, she traveled to Los Angeles, where she occasionally tormented her sire Angel on his self-titled spin-off series.Canonically, she's also made appearances in the comics, novels, and even theBtVSvideo games. Even the most die-hard fans of the Buffyverse can't remember all there is to know about Drusilla.


She WasA Devout Christian

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Though most fans remember Dru as a cruel vampire with psychic abilities, her human counterpart was vastly different than her undead character.Angel even states that she was his opposite, being a "Dutiful daughter. Devout Christian. Innocent and unspoiled." In flashbacks to her human life,Drusilla was shown to be kindhearted and of strong Christian faith.

Still, even as a human, she possessed the ability to see into the future, which, at the time, she saw as a sign of wickedness. Dru stated that her mother told her that she was "cursed" and that her visions were "an affront to the lord." She says this during confession unknowingly to Angelus, who is posing as a Church Father.

Dru's Obsession With Dolls

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Outside of her striking personality, one of the most memorable things about Drusilla was her strong fascination with her dolls. Shortly after she arrives in Sunnydale, fans are introduced to Miss Edith, the only doll of Drusilla's that is mentioned by name.

In the Buffy Boards fandom, there are plenty of interesting theories aboutMiss Edith, with some thinking that the doll has an important connection to Dru's prior life as a human. Although Dru was seen with plenty of other dolls throughout her time in the Buffyverse, Miss Edith is the one that Dru would address the most, often singling her out forpunishment.

She Defeated A Slayer

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Spike wasn't the only member of his vampire family to have taken on a Slayer and defeated her in battle. During the episode "Becoming, Part One," a handful of minions go to the Sunnydale library to stop the Scooby Gang's attempt to restore Angel's soul. After her arrival, Drusilla goes head-to-head with the Jamaican Slayer Kendra and eventually puts her in a hypnotic trance.

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Unfortunately, her supernatural power gives her the advantage she needs, andin gaining the upper hand, Drusilla uses her nails to slit Kendra's throat. In the following episode, Spike learns that Dru defeated Kendra, much to his delight.

Dru Was The First Female Big Bad

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Before Drusilla arrived in Sunnydale, there were no female Big Bads (longstanding villains) for Buffy and the Scoobies to take on. Additionally, she was one of only a few recurring antagonists to go up against the Slayer multiple times and not reach a dusty end by the end of the television series.

After Drusilla's memorable character disappeared with Spike at the end of season 2, fans were later treated to further recurring female antagonists like the rogue Slayer Faith, Harmony Kendall, and the Hell God Glory. Drusilla was the first, though, and arguably the best female Big Bad the show ever had in its 7 seasons.

She Made Darla Into A Vampire Again

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While Darla was originally sired in 1609 by the Master, she meets a dusty end in the first season ofBuffy the Vampire Slayer after she repeatedly antagonizes Angel and threatens Buffy. She later returns thanks to Wolfram & Hart, who brings her back to life as a mortal. The only flaw in Darla's resurrection is that she is dying of the same disease that originally plagued her as a human in the early 1600s.


Though she had accepted her doomed fate, Darla was eventually turned into a vampire again by Drusilla, who then referred to her former vampire elder as both her grandmother and her daughter.

She Was Able To Hypnotize Her Victims

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Unlike most vampires seen inBuffy, Drusilla had the supernatural ability to influence her victims with hypnosis.Though it appeared to be a supernatural gift that only became present after Drusilla was made a vampire, it's possible that this gift was connected to her human counterpart's psychic abilities.

The power to hypnotize was also one of the Master's special abilities, and being a descendent of him could also be the reason behind Dru's power, though it is never confirmed in canon.

She Liked Having Pets

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Unlike other vampires in the Buffyverse, Drusilla is shown to have a strong attachment to animals and has two temporary pet companions in season 2. However, despite her fondness for the bird and the dog (which she adopts after murdering her owner), Dru proves that she is incapable of actually taking care of the animals and keeping them safe.

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Spike later states that the bird died because she didn't feed it. As for the dog Dru named Miss Sunshine, she is last seen in the vampire's arms before Giles attacks Angelus at their hideout. Though the dog's fate isn't revealed, it seems unlikely that she had a happy ending.

The First Impersonated Her Twice

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When the First Evil was tormenting Spike, it took on many different forms to antagonize him. Considered by some to be Buffy's most powerful Big Bad, this season 7 villain even adopted his sire (and sometimes paramour) Drusilla's appearance twice in the episodes "Lessons" and "Bring on the Night." It first takes on the appearance of the psychic vampire as part of a speech to Spike where it quickly alternates through figures from various seasons while declaring its evil intentions.Strangely, the First as Drusilla also appears to stroke Spike's cheek despite the fact it's meant to be incorporeal.

The second time it looks like Dru is when the First is holding Spike captive and torturing him. It appears as Buffy, Drusilla, and even the punk vampire himself as it mocks Spike and continues to try to break his spirit.

Her Unique Fashion Sense

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Many of the vampires in the Buffyverse displayed a unique and somewhat dated sense of style that often gave away their undead status. Just like her vampire offspring and his penchant for dressing like a 70's punk rocker, Drusilla favored a style reminiscent of the Victorian era. According to a BBC interview with Landau,the character's style is meant to be a "cross between a Victorian period look and the Kate Moss heroin chic fashion look."

Naturally, this led to plenty of old-fashioned dresses worn by the actress that blended historical and modern styles. Dru even takes on Kendra while wearing a flowy ensemble that perfectly highlights her signature look.

Her Complicated Relationship WithAngel

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While Drusilla had plenty of ups and downs throughout her relationship with Spike, Drusilla was surprisingly loyal to Angelus, whom she sometimes referred to as "daddy." Her long and complicated history with the elder vampire first started when he decided to torment the then-human Drusilla.

Not only did he murder her entire family, but he also continued to torment her until his actions led Druscilla to have a complete mental health breakdown resulting in the behavior that would follow her into her unlife as a vampire. Despite this, she had a strong attachment to her sire and quickly resumed a close connection to him after he lost his soul in season 2.

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